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Linear feed-back "Newave 2"

LS - Feed-back linéaire 32-40
  • The linear feed-back NEWAVE 2 fits our linear cylinder range 32ST16, 40ST16, 50ST20 and 50ST203.
  • It is available in 12 and 24 Volts.
  • Its installation on the cylinder is extremely simple and contrarily to rotary feed-backs there is no need to bore, to add adaptors or make adjustments which are often the cause of malfunctions and are time consuming.
  • The feed-back can be positioned in a range of over 90° around the cylinder to allow for its own protection and to minimize the space taken in the boat.
Select one of the two kits below in function of the linear cylinder to be equipped:
Designation Ref.
For linear cylinder 32ST16 and 40ST16 – 12 or 24 Volts
  • Linear feed-back NEWAVE 2 / 32-40
For linear cylinder 50ST20 and 50ST203 – 12 or 24 Volts
  • Linear feed-back NEWAVE 2 / 50
The two kits P/N 2203151 and 2203152 are each composed of:
  • 1 prewired linear sensor with10 meters wire.
  • 1 complete mounting kit (support parts, rings, connectors).
  • 1 instruction manual for the installation of the kit on the cylinder.

We recommend the addition of two resistances to optimize the operation of Linear feed-back Newave 2.

Designation Ref.
1 adjustable resistance box+ 1 instruction leaflet for the adjustment in function of the autopilot brand and type. 2202974