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Energy saving device for all L.S NEWAVE and standard linear drives.

Operation: Under « autopilot » mode and contrary to a traditional solenoid valve (clutch) with permanent electrical consumption once energized, NEWAVECO is fitted with an electromechanical locking system which requires no permanent electrical supply. Therefore no heating of the part is generated.

Consumption: The power consumption is divided by 100! The concept of NEWAVECO makes it possible to save a very large number of Amps by comparison to traditional solenoid valves.

  Traditional 12V solenoid valve NEWAVECO 12V
1 hour under autopilot
1 activation/deactivation
1.30 A.h 0.022 A.h
24 hours under autopilot 1 activation/deactivation 31.20 A.h 0.25 A.h

More than 30 Amps saved over a 24 hour period of navigation under autopilot.


Economisateur d'énergie Newaveco


Designation Ref.
NEWAVECO 12V 2203090
NEWAVECO 24V 2203091

Tests: NEWAVECO has been tested for over 10.000 cycles on a test bench and also in real life situation on several IMOCA 60 and FIGARO boats where it has given complete satisfaction.

Adaptability: NEWAVECO fits the full range of our standard and NEWAVE linear drives types 32, 40 and 50ST without additional adaptor. It can be fitted instead of the traditional solenoid valve.

Installation: NEWAVECO is easily connected with four wires:
- Two wires to the computer clutch outlets,
- Two wires to the battery plus and minus terminals.
(voir notice de montage selon les marques et types de pilotes)

Safety: NEWAVECO automatically returns to « standby » position in case of loss of power supply.
A push-button also makes it possible to return to “standby” position in case of dysfunction.

  A B C D E F
563 mm
22 11/64
15 mm
_ 19/32
46 mm
1 13/16
210 mm
8 17/64
170 mm
6 11/16
160 mm
6 19/64
613 mm
24 1/8
15 mm
_ 19/32
56 mm
2 55/64
240 mm
9 29/64
190 mm
7 31/64
172 mm
6 61/64
715 mm
28 9/64
17 mm
_ 43/64
70 mm
2 3/4
300 mm
11 13/16
240 mm
9 29/64
218 mm
8 37/64
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