Hydraulic steering systems


Our hydraulic steering systems are perfectly adapted to outboard and inboard motor boats and pleasure, sporting, fishing and commercial applications and to monohull and multihull sailing-boats.

They are easy to install, state of the art machine finished and made to resist a marine environment.

You can easily select the best suited system for your boat within a range of more than 20 pumps, 40 cylinders and 18 power packs for autopilots which will provide efficiency, reliability and smoothness.

Our systems carry a 2 year warranty and our range of cylinders for fishing and work boats is approved by Classification Societies such as BV, ABS, LRS, GL and others.

All our cylinders and pumps are CE approved.

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  • groupe_assistance
  • groupe_ev2
  • groupe_rv1
  • pompe_105ct
  • pompe_20hb
  • pompe_29ct
  • pompe_70ct
  • verin_vhm_150hp
  • verin_vhm_200hp
  • verin_vhm_226
  • verin_vhm_232compact
  • verin_vhm_232h
  • verin_vhm_26-32sthb
  • verin_vhm_28sthbr
  • verin_vhm_32dtp
  • verin_vhm_350hp
  • verin_vhm_40dtp
  • verin_vhm_45dt
  • verin_vhm_75hp
  • verin_vhm_90dt
centrales_hf1 groupe_assistance2 groupe_ev23 groupe_rv14 pompe_105ct5 pompe_20hb6 pompe_29ct7 pompe_70ct8 verin_vhm_150hp9 verin_vhm_200hp10 verin_vhm_22611 verin_vhm_232compact12 verin_vhm_232h13 verin_vhm_26-32sthb14 verin_vhm_28sthbr15 verin_vhm_32dtp16 verin_vhm_350hp17 verin_vhm_40dtp18 verin_vhm_45dt19 verin_vhm_75hp20 verin_vhm_90dt21
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